For our second meetup we hosted David Wood, chair of London Futurists and renowned futurist writer and speaker. Everything ready for @dw2's talk on the future of politics! #mcrfuturists — Manchester Futurists (@mcrfuturists) March 24, 2017 This time, instead of a workshop session we had a longer talk followed by questions and networking. David spoke to us about his vision for the future of politics, and introduced the idea of ‘techno-progressivism’. As he described it, techno-progressivism is not about using the accelerator to blindly push technology onwards, nor is it about slamming on the breaks; it’s about using the pedals and steering sensibly toRead More →

Last week we held our inaugural meetup, where we discussed the ‘technological singularity’. Despite storm Doris attempting to foil our plans, we had a pretty decent turn out! Room filing up nicely @mcrfuturists #mcrfuturists — Rick Threlfall (@rick_threlfall) February 23, 2017 I gave a short presentation introducing the technological singularity, just in case some people weren’t familiar with the term. After the talk it was timeĀ for some tasty refreshments! We then broke into groups to discuss things in more detail. The themes were: Human Psychology Technical Possibilities Immediate Action Each came with sub-questions as starting points for discussion. On to the discussion topics @mcrfuturistsRead More →