Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is gratefully based on that of Manchester Tech Nights (which is a great series of events you should definitely check out!)

We want Manchester Futurists to welcome all kinds of people interested in futurism, so we’ve got a basic set of rules to help make this an inclusive place.

  • We want to be inclusive; do not engage in homophobic, racist, transphobic, ableist, sexist, or otherwise exclusionary behavior. Don’t make exclusionary jokes. Don’t even make them “ironically”.
  • Don’t harass people. Unconsented physical contact or sexual attention is harrassment. Dressing or acting in a certain way is not consent.
  • Aggression and elitism are unwelcome here — technology is not a competition.
  • Although some events include sponsored alcohol, there is no expectation or pressure to drink alcohol. Don’t question anyone’s choice of drink. Soft drink alternatives will be provided.
  • We’d rather you ask about gender than assume, and if you get it wrong, apologise, and use what they prefer.
  • We think feminism is a good thing. Discussion of how to make technology more inclusive is welcome. Claims that this “has gone too far” aren’t.

Attendees violating these rules will be asked to leave the event and will not be welcome back in future. If you are subject to, or observe, any harassment, or have any other concerns — please contact Rosie Campbell or Ahmed Razek on the night, or contact us afterwards at Any reports will be dealt with discretely and in confidence.

With thanks to Computer Anonymous for the rules.