Meetup: David Wood on The Future of Politics

For our second meetup we hosted David Wood, chair of London Futurists and renowned futurist writer and speaker.

This time, instead of a workshop session we had a longer talk followed by questions and networking. David spoke to us about his vision for the future of politics, and introduced the idea of ‘techno-progressivism’. As he described it, techno-progressivism is not about using the accelerator to blindly push technology onwards, nor is it about slamming on the breaks; it’s about using the pedals and steering sensibly to take us where we want to go.

If you missed it or want a refresh, have a look through David’s slides:

Just before the event we recorded an interview with David which will feature in an upcoming podcast.

Our hosts AutoTrader were once again fabulous, ensuring everyone was fed and watered with a lovely Italian Mezze and a variety of drinks. Thanks to again to them, our photographer Rick, our speaker David, and all our attendees!

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