Meetup: Intro to The Technological Singularity

Last week we held our inaugural meetup, where we discussed the ‘technological singularity’. Despite storm Doris attempting to foil our plans, we had a pretty decent turn out!

I gave a short presentation introducing the technological singularity, just in case some people weren’t familiar with the term.


After the talk it was time for some tasty refreshments!


We then broke into groups to discuss things in more detail. The themes were:

  • Human Psychology
  • Technical Possibilities
  • Immediate Action

Each came with sub-questions as starting points for discussion.

We also had a ‘skeptics corner’ that sprang up on the night for those who weren’t convinced by the arguments that the singularity is inevitable!


After a good bit of debate, we reconvened to present back salient points.

Thanks to our hosts AutoTrader for the venue and refreshments, our photographer Rick, our facilitators, and all our attendees!

See more photos over at our Flickr.

Intro to The Technological Singularity

Thursday, Feb 23, 2017, 7:00 PM

First Street Manchester M15 4FN, GB

97 Members Went

Many futurists posit that due to the exponential acceleration of technological development, we are on the brink of an artificial intelligence explosion where machines will surpass human intelligence. This is known as ‘the Singularity’.For our first meeting, we will start with a short presentation on the Singularity; including estimated time frames…

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